Optimist Club Youth Appreciation Award

The Huntington County Optimist Club honors middle school students from each school in the county.  The award is given to students who demonstrate outstanding dedication and service to their school, the community and its citizens.  Listed below are Huntington Catholic School graduates who have received the Youth Appreciation Award from the Optimist Club.

2004-2005:  Miranda Scher and Brandon Whitesell
2005-2006:  Kaitlyn Scheiber and Jordan Garrity
2006-2007:  Jordan Carnes and Brent Scheiber
2007-2008:  Kaitlyn Winters and Wesley Hutson
2008-2009:  Mary Simms and Nathan Pike
2009-2010:  Abigail Henderson and Stuart Elmore
2010-2011:  Chrysa Keenon and Olivia Woolard
2011-2012:  Madison Jennings and Lia King
2013-2014:  Emma Woolard and Benjamin Blomeke
2016-2017:  Nicholas Mickley and Olivia Godfroy
2017-2018: Eli Brown and Andrea Krumanaker



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