Fr. Maicaal Lobo

Parochial Vicar of SS. Peter & Paul Parish

Current Position: 

Parochial Vicar of SS. Peter & Paul Parish


Father Maicaal speaks 4 languages including English. He was ordained to the priesthood on April 26, 1994.


Fr. Maicaal has traveled to the Middle East countries learning much from those travels. His favorite book is the Bible. His favorite Gospel passage is Sermon on the Mount; You are the salt of the earth…; Let the people see your good work and give glory to God…
Father Maicaal’s favorite devotion is the rosary to Mother Mary and prayers to the Infant Jesus. His special saint is St. John Marie Vianney, patron saint of parish priests and Mother Teresa.
Father Maicaal is happy to be here in the United States in our Fort Wayne/South Bend diocese. He had a beautiful picture of America and is now here for the first time. He has been made to feel welcome by all that he has met.