Huntington Metro Kiwanis Boy & Girl of the Year Award

The Huntington Metro Kiwanis Club recognizes an outstanding 8th grade boy and girl from each school within Huntington County.  These students have demonstrated scholarship, citizenship, sportsmanship, character building, leadership and are involved in extra-curricular activities.




The following graduates from Huntington Catholic School have been recognized.

2004-2005:  Brandon Whitesell and Rachel Clor
2005-2006:  James Hiple and Alexandra Zahm
2006-2007:  Christopher Landrum and Kathleen Skelly
2007-2008:  Stephen Zahm and Kaitlyn Teusch
2008-2009:  Robert Clor and Ava Schulte
2009-2010:  Conner Kreider and Mary Simms
2010-2011:  Blaine Cutshall and Courtney Scher
2011-2012:  Derek Teusch and Emily Klepper
2012-2013:  Matthew Warner and Lindsey Scher
2013-2014:  Garrett Scheiber and Gabrielle Linker
2014-2015:  Samuel Mickley and Savannah Albertson
2015-2016:  Graham Scher and Jessica Hartmus
2016-2017:  Seth Scheiber and Grace Bryant



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