Ms. Zahm

6th-7th Religion, 6th-7th Language Arts/Literature, 6th Homeroom

Current Position: 

6th-7th Religion, 6th-7th Language Arts/Literature, (6th Grade Homeroom)


Indiana University- Ft. Wayne, with BS in Elementary Education, with a Kindergarten Endorsement, and an Associate Degree in Early Childhood, 1997


Three-time Light of Learning award winner; 2016, 200 and 2008


Wish List Items:

  • Wal-Mart Gift Cards for incentives
  • Stickers – Medium to Large Size

Prayers to be Memorized:

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March 22, 2019


6th Grade Subjects:  

  • Religion:  
  • Language: Choose topic for research report
  • Literature
  • Spelling:   
  • Announcements
  • Service Hours due on May 28, 2019
  • Any test you receive an 80% or lower needs to be signed two day after receipt of test or a lunch detention will be served. 
  • Prayer Requests: Prayers for an end to abortion and the culture of death, respect for each other, and for a successful school year. For all those suffering from cancer and the effects of cancer. For our Church and all the victims for healing that ours prayers be lifted up to our Heavenly Father and His guidance will see us through these difficult times. For my family. For Dan DeLaGrange and his family.
  • Class Service Hours for quarter


7th Grade Subjects:

  • Religion:
  • Language:  Started research on 3/20/19
  • Literature:  
  • Spelling:  
  • Service Hours due on May 29, 2019 
  • Announcement:  Any test you receive an 80% or lower needs to be signed within two days of receipt of test or a lunch detention will be served.