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Indiana Choice Scholarships

Indiana is committed to providing all children access to quality educational opportunities. Indiana's Choice Scholarship Program, commonly referred to as the voucher program, provides scholarships to eligible Indiana students to offset tuition costs at participating schools. Students must satisfy both household income requirements and student eligibility criteria to qualify.

Click here for more information on the voucher program.

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Math Links

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Science Links

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Social Studies Links

  • Ben's Guide to the Government - A site about the government guided by Ben Franklin
  • HistoryNet - Another vast resource
  • World Maps - a resource that is like an atlas; offering hundreds of maps of the world.  Includes many other geography features.
  • The Top 100 American speeches of the 20th century - A database offered as text, and audio when available.
  • The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - an excellent resource about the Shoah.
  • Morphing Presidents - A seamless transition using the 44 presidents!
  • Social Studies for Kids - Specializing in Glossaries, Articles, Fun Facts, and dozens of historical topics arranged logically!
  • Historical U.S. Landmarks - The United States is full of fascinating landmarks that you can visit by car. Your family could take a fun road trip to visit places such as the White House in Washington, D.C., the Statue of Liberty in New York City, or Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. If you learn some of the history involved with these landmarks, you might enjoy your trip even more. Don't forget to pack a camera so you can make a scrapbook of your car trip to see historical U.S. landmarks, too!

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Language Arts & Reading Links

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Religion Links

Parish Websites

Year of Faith Resources





  • Phat Mass
  • Children of hope  Children of Hope is dedicated to leading children into the mystery of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist,
  • following the words of wisdom of our Beloved Pope's JPII and Benedict XVI
  • Omega Rock - Catholic Web Rock Radio for Teens
  • Redeemer Radio

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Schools & School Info Links

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Technology Links

GMAIL - Link for gmail accounts by Google.  Gmail accounts will give you access to Google Docs, a free web-based program which is compatible with the Microsoft Office Package used at school.  The students can access to their documents anywhere by logging into their gmail accounts.  It saves their documents as they are working on them so no fear of losing them.  The documents can be saved to their flash drives as well.  

Top Ten art/drawing sites, as selected by Tech & Learning.

  • Art Pad  - A great painting site that records a picture while it's created to create a time lapse effect.
  • Slimber - An excellent site for drawing & painting with some beautiful examples.
  • Bomomo - A fun site where users can create unique pictures with different templates (ie, Pixie).
  • Doink - A great site combining Paint-like tools and creating animated art with a Web 2.0 flare.
  • Odosketch - A wonderful site for creating beautiful sketches with colored pencils.
  • Sketchpad - Create excellent paintings and drawings with this cool site. Many styles, effects and gradients for users to choose.
  • Sumo Paint  - One of the most popular digital art creators on the web, very similar to Photoshop.
  • Live Brush  - A wonderful free application that lets users create some beautiful designs. Includes a gallery of examples to view, too.
  • Crayola Digi-Color  A very user friendly site for kids.
  • Voice Draw - A unique site that lets users create art with their voice/sound.

Search Engines for Kids

  • Yahooligans  -  Excellent web directory and study reference for kids
  • Quinturakids - Features Topic Tag Clouds!
  • Ask Jeeves for Kids - Kids can type in a question, and results will be returned with answers that are kid-friendly.
  • Kid Rex - Powered by Google, this site looks like it has been drawn with crayons!
  • ThinkQuest - This library collects student-created educational websites.
  • KidsClick! - This site features search results chosen by librarians.  Results are targeted to grades K-7.
  • SearchEdu - Excellent for homework help, features sites with the .edu suffix, so most are affiliated with colleges.
  • FactMonster - Facts galore, also handy for homework, features many results that include timelines and biographies.
  • Pics 4 Learning - A safe image site with dozens of categories.

Homework Help

  • Internet Public Library - Contains thousands of searchable documents for info and research.
  • EdHelper - Features guided assistance and activities for all ages.
  • Info Please - Tons of facts, stats, timelines, HW info, and so much more!
  • Bartleby - Famous publisher their quotes database, various encyclopedias, and an excellent literature reference.
  • The Free Dictionary - Grand site includes usage examples, quizzes, games, and much more than definitions!
  • Ask Rose - The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology offers a free Tutoring/HW Help service.  Also by phone at 877-ASK-ROSE.
  • Mindflash - Quiz and Testing Taking Strategies - THANK YOU to the students of Mrs. Neimer's class at Lexington Middle School for sharing this website.


  • An HTML hexadecimal color code chart
  • resource for learning HTML
  • Be Funky - online photo effects, editing, tools, tips, tricks, and more!
  • Keyboard shortcut list of special symbols/characters
  • A Kaleidoscope - uses HTML 5 - Firefox and Chrome only
  • Online Learning with MIT - Over 2000 audio and video courses offered from the pre-eminent technology college.
  • Take a typing test online and play typing games!  Two sites (at least) offer these activities.  Check out Typingtest and KeyHero
  • Children's Software Online has hundreds of software program titles for kids of all ages!

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Parents Links

Powerschool Access Site:

Other Parent Links:

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Teachers Links



Other Links

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Other & Miscellaneous Links

  • Learning Essentials - Help for students to use Office programs on their schoolwork with templates, tools, and other guidance.
  • Games for the Brain - Dozens of games that help thinking skills.
  • Word Games from Bing
  • CrickWeb - Hundreds of free, interactive resources for primary schools
  • PBS Kids - Classic site with games, education, famous shows, and so much more!
  • The Fort Wayne Philharmonic makes a yearly trip to our school.  They demonstrate their instruments to the students.
  • make a face and build a house - two pages where young students can construct simple structures! (ages 4-6)

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