Volunteer Opportunities

Huntington Catholic School welcomes parents, parishioners, and community members to volunteer their time and talents for and with the school students. All diocesan volunteers who will have regular contact with children or young people must complete the Safe Environment Training Program.  The program teaches adults how to create and maintain a safe environment in which all persons, especially children, can grow in faith.  This training is meant to help protect children and also those adults who minister to them.  The training requirements include watching a 25 minute video and reading the appropriate diocesan policy and procedure manual.

After watching the Safe Environment Training Video, employees volunteers must print and sign the Verification of Viewing Education Video form stating they have completed this.  After reading the Volunteer Personnel Policies Manual, they must sign the Verification of Receipt of Volunteer Personnel Policies Manual form stating that they have read and agree to all information contained within it.

The video and the volunteer manual are available in Spanish and English.  Any questions related to the information in the training materials should be directed to the school principal. All verification forms for the training video and policy manual must be returned to the safe environment coordinator, the school principal. An email with all of the required steps to complete and links for the video, manual, and required forms for the Safe Environment Training Program will be sent to all interested volunteers from the school principal.  



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