Preschool Registration & Announcement

SADDLE UP FOR PRESCHOOL REGISTRATION HUNTINGTON CATHOLIC TEACHERS WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU TO OUR PRESCHOOL OPEN HOUSE AND REGISTRATION Date: Sunday, March 15, 2015 Time: 11:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m. Place: Huntington Catholic School 820 Cherry Street Preschool Room Huntington Catholic School Proudly Announces…. All-Day Preschool Option Available for 2015-2016 School Year. Specific details about Preschool fees, class times for 2015-16, and preschool options will be finalized and posted on our website by the beginning of March. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE … Continue reading

Science Fair Winners Announced

On February 11th, our students participated in a Science Fair. The students presented their projects to our guest judges who rated their overall performance. Students could receive trophies in a variety of categories. The winners in each Science category are listed below:         Engineering:  1st Place (tie):  Jessica Hartmus and Laura Hartmus; 2nd Place:  Katie Smith; 3rd Place:  Joshua Plascencia Micr0-Biology: 1st Place:  Nic Mickley; 2nd Place:  Andrea Krumanaker; 3rd Place:  Jennifer Betancourt Zoology:  1st Place:  Seth … Continue reading

Dylan Hasty is School Spelling Bee Champion

Dylan Hasty triumphed over the competition in the 2015 School Spelling Bee. Dylan became the Spelling Bee Champion by spelling the word “ipso facto” correctly in the 12th round. Dylan battled fellow students Samantha Ball and Peyton Rosen in the final four rounds to decide the champion of the Spelling Bee. Samantha was the runner-up in the Spelling Bee in the competition by defeating Peyton Rosen in the spell-off. Dylan will represent Huntington Catholic School at the County Spelling Bee in February. If Dylan is unable to participate, … Continue reading